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10 Stunning of Futuristic Architecture

I have always been fascinated by futuristic architecture and seeing as it’s the weekend I was browsing around checking out some amazing designs today.

  1. Khan Shatyr
  2. Nuragic & Contemporary Art Museum
  3. Hangzhou Waves
  4. Crescent Moon Tower
  5. Songjiang Hotel
  6. Nexus Media Center
  7. Beijing International Airport
  8. Gardens of the Bay

  •  Whether or not this project will ever exist I do not know – but it certainly makes for a damned fascinating concept.

miercuri, 7 martie 2018

OneDrive Space for Backups

March 6th, 2018
Using Unlimited OneDrive Space for Backups
Recently, Microsoft announced they're increasing OneDrive from 1 Terabyte, to unlimited. Unlimited as in infinity, endless, never ending, vast. You get the point. The only catch is that you have to have an Office 365 account. Considering you can get one for as little as $69.99/year , this is a phenomenal deal even if you don't use Office. If you get the 5 user edition for $99.99, you'll get unlimited space for everyone in your household. That's like 5 infinities! Kids know that the more infinities you have, the better.
The killer feature for OneDrive is that the files you store in it don't have to actually take up any space on your hard drive . After a file sits unused for some time, it can switch to an online-only mode. It will still appear to be on your computer, but it takes up zero space. For example, my OneDrive folder has 100+ GB on it, but on my laptop, it only takes up 307 MB on disk. When I try to open a file that's not actually on this computer, it will automatically pull the file down and make it available offline. It's all transparent to the user. This is a big improvement over the selective sync option in Dropbox .
Now for the bad news. On my desktop, I have a 9 TB storage array, and a 512 GB SSD. My photo collection has ballooned in size, and is now well over 200 GB. If I were to simply copy these files into my OneDrive, I would both fill up my SSD, and the files would ultimately end up online-only. I want to have quick (read: local) access to all these files.
My first thought was to use robocopy, a powerful file copy utility included with Windows. My hope was that I could maintain a backup copy in my OneDrive, and simply mirror the new photos as they were added. I tried every combination of command line parameters, but I always ran into errors from robocopy (file cannot be accessed by the system) because it wasn't designed to work with files that only appear to exist.
Then, a breakthrough. I learned that OneDrive supports WebDAV. WebDAV is a protocol that runs on HTTP and allows you to open a remote resource as a folder in Explorer. It let's you do tricks like open a SharePoint document collection in an Explorer window.
Mounting OneDrive as a Folder
First, you'll need a special ID, called a cid to make this work. It's easy to get, just go to , and click Files . In the URL, grab the cid value after the equals sign.
Next, open an explorer window, navigate to your computer ("This PC"), and click "map network drive" in the ribbon.
The drive you're mapping is , be sure to enter your CID in that URL.
When prompted for a username/password, use your live ID for the username. For the password, you can use your live password if you don't have 2-factor authentication enabled. If you DO have 2-factor authentication, generate an app password here .
Congratulations, you now have OneDrive mapped as a drive on our computer. This is different than the typical OneDrive folder, because changes on this drive are reflected immediately in the cloud. 

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Excellent Image Galleries You Can Use Today

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How to Make $345/Year By Installing These 3 Apps

Updated 6 ianuarie, 2017

So this one is about as simple as it gets.

Google, Nielsen, and Media Insiders Panel are paying participants to install their apps on your computers/smartphones/etc. And they’ll pay you for every month you keep them installed.
You don’t have to do anything but keep them installed and you’ll earn up to $345/year. Pretty easy, huh?
Here’s how to do it…

1. Media Insiders Panel (Up to $15/month + $5 Bonus after 12 weeks = $185/year)

This company has an ongoing project to help media companies better understand how consumers use, view and share TV, social, digital and mobile media. Their app “measures activities conducted on a device, such as sharing, viewing, clicking, chatting, downloading and more. The app also listens for TV shows, and, using technology of Gracenote, Inc., identifies which TV shows was captured.”
Also, at no time is a member’s personally identifiable information ever shared or released publicly, nor will they ever interact with you via social media.  
If you install their app, they’ll pay you $5/month per device. And you can install the app on up to 3 devices. Plus they’ll send you a $5 bonus after the 12th week.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Sign up at Media Insiders Panel
2. Install and activate the MI Mobile app onto your device(s).
3. Watch your e-mail for important information and instructions on next steps.
Here are the devices that they support:
  • Android™ smartphones and tablets that run Android version 4.0 or greater, and are not rooted. We also accept the Kindle Fire HD, but not the first generation Kindle Fire.
  • iPhone®5, iPad®, iPad mini®, and iPod touch® devices that run iOS version 5.0 or greater.
***You’ve got be a US resident, 13 years or older, and have a valid email address.

2. Nielsen Mobile Panel for iPhone Users (Up to $50/Year)

You know the company that tracks TV rating? Well, apparently they also want to measure the popularity of websites and online videos. From Nielsen’s site:
“In order for us to report accurate data to the mobile industry, we use Nielsen’s proprietary applications and profiles to measure the normal activity of your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. All data transmitted is encrypted and anonymous. All you have to do is download the Nielsen Mobile App or install our profile, depending on your device, and then continue using your mobile device as you usually do – that’s it! The Nielsen Mobile software is undetectable and will not affect your device’s performance or battery life.”
Want to give it a try?
1. If you have a smartphone & you’re over the age of 45, the Nielsen company will pay you $50/year to keep their app on your cell phone. Sign up here (You cannot directly download this from the app store).
2. Once you’ve registered they will send you instructions on how to install the app. After completing the installation, you’ll be asked to restart your phone.
As a member of the Nielsen Mobile Panel, you’ll earn up to $50 a year just for using your phone like you normally do.

3. Screenwise Panel  ($8 after week 1, $2/week after that  = $110/year)

The panel is designed to help Google understand web and mobile usage better — such as what times of day people browse, how long they stay on websites and use apps, and what types of sites and apps are popular (or not).
As a Screenwise Trends panelist, you’ll add a browser extension and/or mobile meter that will share with Google the sites you visit, the apps you use, and how you use them. Screenwise promises that it runs in the background and won’t slow anything down.
They’ll give you $8 after you’ve been signed up for 7 days and you’ll get an additional $2 every week after that. The “cash” rewards come in the form of a gift card (you can pick between Walmart, Papa Johns, Barnes & Noble, and a bunch of others…)
You must install this one on Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Signup for Screenwise here.
I know $345/year doesn’t sound like a ton of money. But, think of it like this – if you put that $345 into a retirement account at Lending Club and earned 14% year (pretty easy to do at Lending Club, here’s a link to my strategy), you’d have $180,377 saved up in 30 years!! Not too shabby.


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How to make your own bootable OS X 10.11 El Capitan USB install drive

It was 2009 when Apple last released a new operating system on physical media. Things have proceeded remarkably smoothly since version 10.7 switched to download-only installers, but there are still good reasons to want an old, reliable USB stick. For instance, if you find yourself doing multiple installs, a USB drive may be faster than multiple downloads (especially if you use a USB 3.0 drive). Or maybe you need a recovery disk for older Macs that don't support the Internet Recovery feature. Whatever the reason, you're in luck, because it's not hard to make one.

As with last year, there are two ways to get it done. There's the super easy way with the graphical user interface and the only slightly less easy way that requires some light Terminal use. Here's what you need to get started.
  • A Mac that you have administrator access to, duh. We've created El Capitan USB stick from both Yosemite and El Capitan, but your experience with other versions may vary.
  • An 8GB or larger USB flash drive or an 8GB or larger partition on some other kind of external drive. For newer Macs, use a USB 3.0 drive—it makes things significantly faster.
  • The OS X 10.11 El Capitan installer from the Mac App Store in your Applications folder. The installer will delete itself when you install the operating system, but it can be re-downloaded if necessary.
  • If you want a GUI, you need the latest version of Diskmaker X app. Version 5 is the one with official El Capitan support...

  • Once you've obtained all of the necessary materials, connect the USB drive to your Mac and run the Diskmaker X app. The app will offer to make installers for OS X 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, and it should run on OS X versions all the way back to 10.7—support for 10.6 was dropped in the most recent release.

    Diskmaker X has actually been around since the days of OS X 10.7 (it was previously known as Lion Diskmaker), and it's still the easiest GUI-based way to go without intimidating newbies. If you're comfortable with the command line, it's still possible to create a disk manually using a Terminal command, which we'll cover momentarily.

    Select OS X 10.11 in Diskmaker X, and the app should automatically find the copy you've downloaded to your Applications folder. It will then ask you where you want to copy the files—click "An 8GB USB thumb drive" if you have a single drive to use or "Another kind of disk" to use a partition on a larger drive or some other kind of external drive. Choose your disk (or partition) from the list that appears, verify that you'd like to have the disk (or partition) erased, and then wait for the files to copy over. The process is outlined in screenshots above.

    The only slightly less-easy way

    If you don't want to use Diskmaker X, Apple has actually included a terminal command that can create an install disk for you. Assuming that you have the OS X El Capitan installer in your Applications folder and you have a Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)-formatted USB drive named "Untitled" mounted on the system, you can create an El Capitan install drive by typing the following command into the Terminal.

    sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --nointeraction

    The command will erase the disk and copy the install files over. Give it some time, and your volume will soon be loaded up with not just the OS X installer but also an external recovery partition that may come in handy if your hard drive dies and you're away from an Internet connection.

    Whichever method you use, you should be able to boot from your new USB drive either by changing the default Startup Disk in System Preferences or by holding down the Option key at boot and selecting the drive. Once booted, you'll be able to install or upgrade El Capitan as you normally would.

marți, 29 septembrie 2015

OS X El Capitan Download Available For Apple Inc. Mac Desktops Starting Wednesday

By Mitel Dan on
Apple's latest desktop operating system, OS X El Capitan, can be downloaded through the Mac App Store

Apple’s desktop computers are getting a software upgrade. Starting Wednesday, Mac owners can download the latest version of its desktop operating system: OS X El Capitan.

The follow-up to OS X Yosemite comes with a number of small and large changes, ranging from a split-view feature that lets users view apps side-by-side to a new Notes app that can add photos, PDFs and videos. One of the biggest changes in El Capitan is a revamped Spotlight search, which goes beyond searching for files. With the update, Spotlight can be used to check stock prices, weather forecasts, sports schedules and more.

“People love using their Macs, and one of the biggest reasons is the power and ease-of-use of OS X,” said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, in a statement. “El Capitan refines the Mac experience and improves performance in a lot of little ways that make a very big difference. Feedback from our OS X beta program has been incredibly positive, and we think customers are going to love their Macs even more with El Capitan.”

Other changes to OS X include a system font change to the San Francisco typeface, which is also used in iOS 9, tvOS and watchOS. San Francisco replaces Helvetica Neue, which was used in OS X Yosemite. El Capitan also comes with more support for international languages, including a new Chinese system font with 50,000 designed characters and support to transform Hiragana into written Japanese text. Beyond aesthetic changes, Apple claims El Capitan brings performance improvements to the Mac -- up to 50 percent faster system-level graphics rendering to speed up apps.

OS X El Capitan will be available for download through the Mac App Store. Apple’s latest version of OS X supports all Macs introduced in 2009 or later. Some models introduced in 2007 and 2008 are also compatible.

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How to Earn Bing Rewards Quickly

By Dan Brasov

Bing rewards you with credits that are redeemable for a variety of products and services, including Skype credit, gift cards, Redbox rentals and Xbox services. You can earn Bing Rewards by searching the Internet with Bing and testing out new Bing features. To get started with Bing Rewards, you need to create a Microsoft account. Once you have an account, you can start earning rewards right away.

Earning Bing Rewards Credits

To earn Bing Rewards credits, you need to be signed in to your Microsoft account. You can also create an account for Bing Rewards using your Facebook login details. Bing Rewards can be earned whenever you search the Web using Bing, the Bing toolbar, by testing out new Bing features or services or by redeeming offers found on the dashboard page of Bing Rewards Central. To earn credits you must be logged in to your account. If you search the Web using Bing without signing in, your searches will not count towards credits. You can ensure you're logged in by looking for the Bing Credit Counter located at the top-right of the screen.

Redeeming Offers

Microsoft may limit the amount of credits you can earn per day by searching the Web using Bing. To earn additional credits, you can redeem credit offers found on the dashboard page of your Rewards account. Offers may include signing up for a product or service or entering a contest or promotion. You can also find offers from third parties. Visit your account dashboard on a daily basis to view the offers that are available for you; they can be updated at any time.

Referring Friends and Family

Referring friends to join Bing Rewards can be another way to earn credits quickly. You can refer friends by having them sign up using a link that is specific to your Bing Rewards account. Once your friends have signed up, your account will be credited within 10 days. Share your referral link with your Twitter and Facebook social network to increase the chances of obtaining a referral. If you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can send the referral link to your friends and family via email. To see if your account is eligible for referral credits, visit your Bing Rewards account dashboard.

Bing Tours and Redeeming Credits

If you've redeemed all your available offers and reached the limit for Web search credits, you can earn additional credits by completing a Bing tour. Bing tours can be found under the "Tours" tab while logged in to your Bing Rewards account. Tours show you useful Bing features and reward you with credits once you've completed them. After you accumulate enough credits, you can cash them in for rewards by visiting the "Redeem" page in your Bing Rewards account. The amount of credits required for each reward varies depending on the product or service. You can view your progress towards each reward on the "Redeem" page.

luni, 21 septembrie 2015

Microsoft adds faster ways to earn Bing Rewards on mobile browsers

Bing RewardsBing Rewards
Microsoft is making it easier for mobile web-based users of its Bing Rewards service to earn points and redeem them for items and more with an update to its interface.

In case you have not heard of Bing Rewards before, it's a free Microsoft program for US residents only that encourages them to use the company's Bing search service. People who sign up for the program can collect points when they use Bing which can then be exchanged for items like e-gift cards and more.
Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

If you are using Bing Rewards from your mobile phone web browser, Microsoft says you will be able to see these improvements:

"First off, as soon as you go to Bing Rewards on your phone, we show you your current balance and some great Bing experiences for the day — that naturally earn you credits. Just tap to start earning. Scroll down a little further and you will see rewards suggested for you. We'll show you things we think you'll love that you can redeem credits for."

"Sometimes we all need a little motivation, so we'll also show you how far you've got to go to reach the next level with a new status card. And let's not overlook the gratification bit. We've just made redeeming credits faster and easier than ever before. Just tap on a gift card, confirm your email and your reward is on its way!"
Microsoft has also updated its Bing Rewards app for iOS and Android with these improvements, but we have yet to see these changes to the Windows Phone 8.1 version.

Source: Microsoft

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Free gems autopilot - Earn free money with Appdown and other apps

First of all I'd like to state that this is legit and not a scam so if you think it isn't try it out first or read reviews. If you extreme convincing, you are a crazy person. =P These apps are for mobile devices. Here's a quote from KloakaTV from youtube:
"Wow, Appdown is really cool. I posted it on my youtube channel and got dozens of people under my account. In a week I already made over 30$. Can't wait to download more games!"

Appdown is a new iPhone and Android compatible web app that you earn money with by trying out free sponsored apps while also letting you discover new ones too. It's really simple and if you get a few people to be referred by you you will earn money and the money from your friends people that were referred by him/her. Later you can claim your #free money to your Paypal account! So let's get started with a simple 5 step tutorial:

1) Go to appdown's website from this link:
You will automatically be directed to its sign-up page.
After you finished the tutorial it should look like this:
Posted Image

2) It will ask you to make an account with either Facebook or Email but won't spam your account.

3) After you have registered your email, it will ask you to try out an app called "SuperRope" - a very childish game but it will earn you a dollar once you try it for a certain amount of time - maybe 30 seconds or more just in case.

4) Just keep on downloading apps like that and you will be on your way to earning free Paypal cash by pressing the button in the upper right corner that shows your current earnings.
Posted Image

5) Profit! You can also earn more by letting people use your referral link, when you do you will receive 50% of what your friends make (People who use your referral code), 20% of what your friend's friends make, and a further 10% of what your friend's friend's friends make. That is why I like to call AppDown an autopilot + I have earned a total of $25 a week! + 2 more dollars everytime one of my friends invites another friend.
Posted Image

In conclusion, AppDown may not give you enough money to pay your bills or retire but it really is good for saving a little pocket money for gasoline! xD But it is worth trying if you have a little time to start and let your friends or strangers do the rest.

You can also try these apps:

FeaturePoints - - pros:
■Not only Paypal, iTunes, Amazon, etc. but many if not all popular apps
■If you add your email it emails you when new app offers are available
■Referral system gives you 50% of the points that your referred friends get
■The app likes to do 1 day only app downloads that five you a lot of points.

JunoWallet - - pros:

■Has other offers to complete and earn points like Tasks, Videos, and Surveys!
■Has a lot of things to buy in its rewards store including some that I didn't ever think would be there like IHOP :)
■Referral system gives you 50 cents for your invited friend, 25 cents when your friends invite another friend, and 50 cents when your friend's friend's invited friend uses JunoWallet
■If you use someones invite code like BP2651266 you can enter the daily $1 raffel but must enter a friend with you. (you will have only 1 friend to enter with you when u start with a invite code)

PointsToShop -

■Earn points by doing surveys, offers, and trying free mobile apps.
■Has ALOT otherwise THE MOST amount of redeemable gifts like the usual (aka Paypal/iTunes/GooglePlay) but it also has real life things like cellphone services, baby, jewelry, and all that stuff you can find at a target but free!
■Compatible with computers!
■You can play their games to earn extra points!
■You get 15% of what your referred friends earn and a dollar when he signs up, 3% of what your friend's invited person, and 2% of your friend's friend's invited person! (More details when you log into P2S)

FreeMyApps -

■Paypal and other gifts cost half as much as FeaturePoints that still has its own advantages.
■Quite a few apps to try and earn money.
■You can use your points to donate to charity if you are nice
■Has phone refill cards (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, etc.), Skype credits, and more stuff that isn't normally on other rewards in other apps.

These are all tested and work so have a great time earning money and maybe even donating to charity if you have to much! All of these combined can give you up to $150 a month! These apps are also on the go so use it on your way to work (but not when driving of course).

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Poți avea Windows 10 legal și gratuit chiar dacă acum folosești o versiune pirat

Când cei de la Microsoft au anunțat că Windows 10 va fi un sistem de operare gratuit, toată lumea a fost circumspectă și șocată. Între timp, termenii și condițiile și-au făcut apariția și am aflat că nu chiar toată lumea dispune de posibilitatea de a instala Windows 10 fără bani.

Windows 10 va fi, într-adevăr, gratuit, dar numai pentru persoanele care întrunesc câteva cerințe, Mai exact, persoanele care utilizează acum Windows 7 sau Windows 8 pe PC-urilor lor și care au licențe pentru aceste sisteme vor primi actualizarea pe data de 29 iulie.

Cei care au rămas pe Windows XP sau Windows Vista sau folosesc versiuni piratate, indiferent de ediție, nu vor putea trece la 10 decât dacă scot din buzunar de la 200 de dolari în sus. Acum există, totuși, o portiță și pentru cei care au piratat până acum, au rămas pe sisteme de operare vechi sau folosesc Linux.

Potrivit unei postări pe blogul oficial Microsoft, toate persoanele înscrise în programul Microsoft Insider, care oferă acces la versiunea de preview a sistemului de operare, vor primi o licență originală pentru acea versiune începând cu data de 29 iulie.

Singura cerință este ca persoanele să activeze versiunea de preview folosind un cont oficial de Microsoft (, etc.).

Puteți descărca versiunea de preview a Windows 10 de aici.

duminică, 2 august 2015

Windows 10 eroare de update

 Upgrade-ul la Windows 10 din cauza unei simple erori. 

Windows 10 eroare de update
Windows 10

Chiar daca si-au rezervat copia de Windows 10 si au avut toate update-urile la zi, mii de utilizatori au primit un mesaj de eroare in momentul in care incercat sa isi actualizeze sistemul de operare. Cel mai des intalnit cod de eroare este 80240020.
Ca sa poti relua intregul proces de trecere la noul OS, poti alege una din cele doua variante:

Sterge toate fisierele din "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download"
Restarteaza calculatorul
Mergi la Windows Update si reia download-ul

Deschide fisierul  "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download"
Sterge tot ce se afla acolo
Deschide un command prompt (Win+R, apoi scrie cmd si apasa Enter). Scrie "wuauclt.exe /updatenow" si apasa enter.

Mergi apoi la Control panel > Windows Update si reia procesul de actualizare!

Data Publicarii:2 august 2015

joi, 19 februarie 2015

Nu instalaţi Windows 10 Technical Preview

 Sfat din partea mea este să nu vă instalaţi Windows 10 pe laptop. Cel puţin Windows 10 Technical Preview. Aşteptaţi să apară o variantă mai stabilă şi mai rapidă.
Am instalat Windows 10 Technical Preview şi acum mă face să renunţ la el. De ce? Pentru că e foarte, foarte greoi. Stau 3-4 minute să caut în “Search” Photoshop-ul, Paint-ul etc. Se blochează, îşi revine, iar se blochează şi îţi vine să dai cu el de pereţi dar păcat că nu e palpabil Windows-ul. De câte ori am zis că revin la Windows 7 Ultimate dar momentan lenea este mare. Până într-o zi când voi exploda si voi revenii la windows 7!
Deci dragilor nu faceţi prostia de a instala Windows 10 Technical Preview. Mai devreme sau mai târziu veţi regreta. În afară de noua combinaţie de design dintre Windows 7 şi Windows 8 nu veţi găsi nimic special, ba mai mult vă consumaţi energia enervându-vă.

Dacă nu vă deranjează faptul că acesta este un sistem în continuă schimbare și nu doriți să ratați cele mai recente noutăți, continuați să il Testati. Versiunea Technical Preview ar putea fi exact ce vă doriți.Totusi pentru cei care doresc sa il instaleze va voi da detalii ce si cum in randurile ce urmeaza:

In primul rand, va trebui sa va inregistati in programul Windows Insider pentru a avea acces laWindows 10 Technical Preview. Acest lucru se face prin accesarea paginii dedicate testerilor si prin inregistrarea/crearea unui cont Microsoft Live ID. Ulterior, sunteti redirectionati care pagina de instalare a Windows 10 si tot ceea ce trebuie sa faceti este sa urmati pasii. Cititi cu atentie termenii impusi de Microsoft.

Tineti cont ca instalarea Windows 10 Technical Preview se poate face direct doar de pe o masina care ruleaza Windows 7 sau Windows 8x. Pentru descarcarea imaginii cu sistemul de operare, respectiv instalarea de pe un DVD sau un Stick bootabil, accesati ACEST LINK unde veti gasi si Product Key-ul necesar. Pentru realizarea stick-ului bootabil puteti folosi RUFUS.

Cerinte minime de sistem pentru instalarea Windows 10 Technical Preview:
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1GB (pentru verisiunile pe 32 biti) si 2 GB (pentru versiunile pe 64 biti)
  • Spatiu liber necesar pe HDD: 16 GB
  • Modul video: compatibil Microsoft DirectX 9 cu driver WDDM
  • Cont Microsoft si acces internet
Atentie, Mirosoft precizeaza ca nu toate sistemele hardware, chiar daca dispun de specificatiile enumerate mai sus, sunt compatibile cu Windows 10!

Va recomandam sa NU instalati versiunea de test Windows 10 peste sistemul de operare de zi cu zi, pentru ca technical Preview-ul are, momentan, foarte multe bug-uri. Prin urmare, ar fi bine sa creati o partitie separata pentru Windows 10.

Versiunea Windows 10 Technical Preview expira pe 15 aprilie 2015.

joi, 12 februarie 2015


Mi-am propus sa va uimesc cu cateva chestii aici pe dan-diverse din categoria “Lucruri interesante”. 
Daca am reusit sa va surprind sau sa va impresionez socati-ma cu un comentariu sau un like....Lectura placuta!
*Atunci cand omul stranuta i se opreste inima pentru o milisecunda; cand stranuti, toate functiile corpului se opresc, chiar si inima!
*Trecerea alimentelor din gura in stomac dureaza 7 secunde.
*Parul omenesc poate suporta o greutate de 3 kg.
*Penisul unui barbat,are, in medie, de 3 ori masura degetului sau mare, de la mana.
*Osul de la sold este mai tare decat cimentul. .
*Inima unei femei bate mai repede decat a unui barbat.
*Exista in jur de 3 mii de milioane de bacterii in fiecare din laba piciorului tau.
*Femeile clipesc de doua ori mai des decat barbatii.
*Pielea corpului omenesc cantareste de doua ori mai mult decat creierul.
*Corpul tau utilizeaza 300 de muschi, numai pentru a se mentine in echilibru, cand sta in picioare.
*Daca saliva ta nu poate dizolva un anumit aliment, nu-l poti savura.
*Femeile au terminat, deja, de citit acest mesaj. Barbatii continua sa-si masoare degetul mare
*China reprezinta 25% din populatia lumii;
*Cea mai rece temperatura din istorie de pe pamant a fost inregistrata in Antartica pe 24 August 1960. Temperatura masura atunci -127 de grade C;
*Marilyn Monroe a avut 11 degete la picioare;
*Stiinta a stabilit, ca pestii au voce si auz. Dar intre ei se inteleg… in limba lor. Un specialist a demonstrat recent, ca melodiile armonioase ce se raspandesc in apa, in forma de evantai influenteaza placut activitatea pestilor si-i atrag spre mal;
*Exista un mic pestisor, inarmat cu un ac ascutit, care e unul din dusmanii cei mai primejdiosi ai rechinului. Fiind inghitit de acest urias animal rapitor, pestisorul sparge cu acul pantecele rechinului si iese in libertate. Ca urmare, rechinul moare;
*Recent, o serie de cercetari efectuate in bazinul Marii Adriatice au pus pe oamenii de stiinta respectivi intr-o mare deruta. Fara indoiala, nimeni nu ar putea crede ca exista o mare fara fund. Acest lucru nu este posibil. Ca urmare a cercetarilor intreprinse a fost gasita insa, in Marea Adriatica, o groapa uriasa, care, fiind cercetata la randul ei, a dus la descoperirea unor fenomene cu totul ciudate. Urmarita timp indelungat, s-a constatat ca in aceasta uriasa deschidere abisala de pe fundul marii dispar zilnic circa 30.000 de tone de apa. Cercetatorii au turnat, in repetate randuri, in apropierea acestei gropi, mari cantitati de vopsea, care, in mod firesc, ar fi trebuit sa reapare undeva, mai aproape sau mai departe, in raurile sau lacurile din insulele sau de pe tarmurile marii. Dar apa colorata de vopseaua turnata de cercetatori nu a reaparut nicaieri. Au fost aruncate in dreptul acestei gropi si mari cantitati de material plastic, dar si acestea au disparut fara urma. S-a presupus ca vopseaua, cat si bucatile de material plastic au fost absorbite de groapa. Pana in prezent nu s-a ajuns la nici o concluzie, ramanand doar parerea ca pe fundul Marii Adriatice se gaseste o groapa abisala uluitor de adanca;
*Daca iei orice numar, il dublezi, aduni 10, imparti prin 2, si apoi scazi numarul initial, raspunsul va fi 5;
*Simtul de miros al unei furnici este la fel de puternic ca al unui caine;
*Energia unui uragan este egala aproximativ cu 500.000 de bombe atomice;
*Nimeni nu stie unde este ingropat Mozart;
*Palatul Buckingham are 602 de incaperi.
*Daca ai calatorii de la un cap la altul al galaxiei noastre – Calea Lactee – cu viteza luminii, ti-ar trebui 100.000 ani;
*Cucuveaua e singura pasare din lume care vede culoarea albastra.
*Sigura felina care nu-si poate retrage ghearele este ghepardul.
*Sunetul scos de rate n-are ecou. Nimeni nu stie de ce.
*Limba cameleonului raportata la corp este de 5:1.
*Albinele, broastele testoase si termitele sunt complet surde.
*Sobolanii rezista mai mult fara apa decat camilele.
*Panza de paianjen are o rezistanta remarcabila. Firul de grosimea unui creion ar putea opri un Boeing 747 din zbor.
*Cea mai apropiata ruda a lui Tyrranosaurus Rex este gaina.
*Pielea hipopotamului are o grosime de 6,5 cm asa ca il apara impotriva multor arme de foc. Acest animal fuge mai repede ca omul desi are 4 tone.
*O vaca se imbata daca mananca prea multe mere.
*Putem afirma ca lumea civilizata exista de 3.500 de ani. In toata perioada asta au existat 230 de ani fara razboaie.
*”Generalul Sherman” este cel mai inalt copac din lume si se afla in Parcul national Sequoia. Masoara 91 de metri, cu cativa centimetri sub cea mai inalta cladire din Romania, Palatul Administrativ din Satu Mare (94 m.)
*Alunele se folosesc la fabricarea dinamitei.
*Placile tectonice ale Terrei se misca tot asa de repede ca si cum cresc unghiile la oameni.
*Viteza de propagare a durerii in corpul uman este: 110 m/s.
*Supravietuitori in cazul scufundarii Titanicului sunt si 2 caini.
*1/3 din rezerva de apa a Terrei se afla in Canada.
*Cea mai lunga intrerupere de program de televiziune s-a intamplat in Anglia – BBC a oprit un desen animat cu Mickey-Mouse, s-a anuntat ca a pornit al doilea razboi mondial, apoi peste 6 ani au reluat filmul exact acolo unde s-a intrerupt.
*Albert Einstein a inceput sa vorbeasca la varsta de 6 ani.
*Ca sa devii astronaut american trebuie sa fii mai scund de 1,80 m. In momentul aterizarii Apolo 11 a ramas cu combustibil suficient pentru 20 de secunde de zbor.
*Foarfeca a fost inventata de Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci a fost capabil cu o mana sa scrie iar cu cealalta sa deseneze simultan.
*Din scrieri rezulta ca Leonardo da Vinci a fost cel mai mandru nu de operele sale de arta ci de faptul ca era in stare sa indoaie cu mana rangi de fier.
*Autostrazile din SUA asa au fost concepute ca din 5 in 5 mile au o portiune dreapta de cca 1 mila. Acolo pot ateriza la nevoie aeronavale.
*Exista 2 animale care pot vedea spatiul din spatele lor fara sa-si intoarca capul: iepurele si papagalul.
*Omul piere mai repede din cauza lipsei somnului decat a mancatului. 10 zile rezista un om fara somn, maxim. Fara hrana chiar 1-2 luni.
*Creierul uman are capacitatea de stocare de 1 trilion de byte, sau 1164153 gigabyte.
*Imnul Greciei are 158 de strofe. Nimeni din Grecia nu cunoaste in intregime inmul statului.
*Ultimul simt pierdut de om la moarte este auzul, primul vederea, apoi in ordine gustul, mirosul si pipaitul.
*La nastere toata lumea l-a crezut mort pe Pablo Picasso, doar unchiului lui i-a venit o idee si a reusit sa-l aduca la viata cu ajutorul fumului de trabuc.
*Turnul Eiffel are in compozitie otzel de la furnalul din Gov?jdia, localitatea Ghelar din judetul Hunedoara.
*Cel mai lung cuvant din DEX are 25 de litere si este : ELECTROGLOTOSPECTROGRAFIE. Sunt si alte cuvinte mai lungi, si anume termeni medicali sau din chimie: DIFOSFOPIRIDINNUCLEOTIDPIROFOSFATAZa (36 de litere).
*Cea mai mica pisica din lume traieste in California si ar putea intra fara probleme si in Cartea Recordurilor, datorita dimensiunilor ei liliputane. Heed, pisica in varsta de 9 saptamani din El Cajon masoara doar 7 centimetri si nu cantareste mai mult de jumatate de kilogram.
*In medie o persoana are peste 1460 de vise pe an ?
*Delfinii dorm cu un ochi deschis ?
*O furnica poate sa supravietuiasca pana la doua saptamani sub apa ?
*Cel mai puternic muschi din corpul uman este limba ?
*Unghiile mainilor cresc de patru ori mai repede decat cele ale picioarelor ?
*Puse cap la cap venele,arterele, si capilarele unui adult ar ajunge pentru inconjurul Pamantuluide aproape patru ori ?
*In Indonezia se vorbesc peste 365 de limbi diferite?
*O persoana face in medie 2 500 000 de pasi pe an?
*Inima unei balene albastre este la fel de mare cat o masina?
*Limba unei balene albastre este lunga cat un elefant?
*Daca cantitatea de apa din corpul omenesc este redusa cu 1% iti va fi sete, iar daca este redusa cu 10% vei muri?
*Biblia este tradusa in 2 233 de limbi?
*Animalul cu cel mai mare creier in proportie cu corpul sau este furnica
*Hitler a fost vegetarian
*Toti copiii se nasc cu ochii albastri si dupa cateva momente acestia isi schimba culoarea
*Fluturii percep gustul cu picioarele ?
*Bufnita este una din putinele pasari care poate deosebi culoarea albastra ?
*In 1386 un porc a fost executat prin spanzurarea in public pentru uciderea unui copil ?
*Peste 10.000 de pasari mor anual din cauza coliziunilor cu ferestrele ?
*Omul pierde o jumatate de litru de apa pe zi prin respiratie ?
*Mai mult de jumatate din populatia globului a vazut cel putin un film cu James Bond?
*Numele Mercedes provine de la numele unei austriece?
*Sunt produse mai multe in India decat la Hollywood?
*Creierul unui adult cantareste in medie 1,375 de grame?
*Pasarile nu transpira?
*Pomii de Craciun au fost odinioara impodobiti cu spuma de sapun?
*Pisicile au cate 32 de muschi in fiecare ureche ?
*Alfabetul limbii chineze contine peste 40 000 de caractere ?
*Thomas Edison, inventatorul becului, se temea de intuneric ?
*Februarie 1865 este singura luna inregistrata in istorie fara luna plina?
*Astronautii cresc in inaltime in spatiu ?
*Dreptacii traiesc in medie cu noua ani mai mult decat stangacii ?
*Serpii au doua organe sexuale ?
*Un melc poate dormi trei ani ?
*In medie oamenii se tem mai mult de paianjeni decat de moarte ?
*Apa calda cantareste mai mult decat cea rece ?
*Exista o pasare care in loc sa ciripeasca sau sa cante, latra?
*Sunt cam 2700 de limbi diferite care sunt vorbite in lume?
*Ca sa previi cancerul, e bine sa mananci cate un morcov pe zi?
*Elisabeta I a Rusiei a avut peste 15000 de rochii ?
*Michael Jackson are codul lui postal personal ?
*Pe Venus ploua cu acid sulfuric ?
*Camilele au trei seturi de pleoape ?

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