vineri, 29 noiembrie 2013

Extend the Windows 7 Trial from 30 to 120 Days

The first thing you’ll want to do is check how many days are left in your trial period. You can do this by right-clicking Computer and choosing Properties.

At the bottom of this window you’ll see how many days are left to activate (29 in my case since I installed this box yesterday).
Now to actually perform the hack that will extend the trial mode, you’ll want to find Command Prompt in the start menu (or search for it), and then right-click on it and choose Run as administrator.
 Next you’ll simply type in this command:
slmgr -rearm

 Within a few seconds you’ll normally see this dialog show up, saying that the command has completed successfully, at which point you’ll want to reboot.

Checking the system properties again shows that I now have 30 days left to activate.
 Of course you’d normally want to do this near the end, probably on the last day before activation. I’m pretty sure that you can even perform this trick after the 30-day trial expires, although I’m not certain yet.