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Free gems autopilot - Earn free money with Appdown and other apps

First of all I'd like to state that this is legit and not a scam so if you think it isn't try it out first or read reviews. If you extreme convincing, you are a crazy person. =P These apps are for mobile devices. Here's a quote from KloakaTV from youtube:
"Wow, Appdown is really cool. I posted it on my youtube channel and got dozens of people under my account. In a week I already made over 30$. Can't wait to download more games!"

Appdown is a new iPhone and Android compatible web app that you earn money with by trying out free sponsored apps while also letting you discover new ones too. It's really simple and if you get a few people to be referred by you you will earn money and the money from your friends people that were referred by him/her. Later you can claim your #free money to your Paypal account! So let's get started with a simple 5 step tutorial:

1) Go to appdown's website from this link: https://appdown.me/s/VWUip
You will automatically be directed to its sign-up page.
After you finished the tutorial it should look like this:
Posted Image

2) It will ask you to make an account with either Facebook or Email but won't spam your account.

3) After you have registered your email, it will ask you to try out an app called "SuperRope" - a very childish game but it will earn you a dollar once you try it for a certain amount of time - maybe 30 seconds or more just in case.

4) Just keep on downloading apps like that and you will be on your way to earning free Paypal cash by pressing the button in the upper right corner that shows your current earnings.
Posted Image

5) Profit! You can also earn more by letting people use your referral link, when you do you will receive 50% of what your friends make (People who use your referral code), 20% of what your friend's friends make, and a further 10% of what your friend's friend's friends make. That is why I like to call AppDown an autopilot + I have earned a total of $25 a week! + 2 more dollars everytime one of my friends invites another friend.
Posted Image

In conclusion, AppDown may not give you enough money to pay your bills or retire but it really is good for saving a little pocket money for gasoline! xD But it is worth trying if you have a little time to start and let your friends or strangers do the rest.

You can also try these apps:

FeaturePoints - http://bit.ly/1hGPKof - pros:
■Not only Paypal, iTunes, Amazon, etc. but many if not all popular apps
■If you add your email it emails you when new app offers are available
■Referral system gives you 50% of the points that your referred friends get
■The app likes to do 1 day only app downloads that five you a lot of points.

JunoWallet - http://bit.ly/1iCF78O - pros:

■Has other offers to complete and earn points like Tasks, Videos, and Surveys!
■Has a lot of things to buy in its rewards store including some that I didn't ever think would be there like IHOP :)
■Referral system gives you 50 cents for your invited friend, 25 cents when your friends invite another friend, and 50 cents when your friend's friend's invited friend uses JunoWallet
■If you use someones invite code like BP2651266 you can enter the daily $1 raffel but must enter a friend with you. (you will have only 1 friend to enter with you when u start with a invite code)

PointsToShop - http://www.points2shop.com/

■Earn points by doing surveys, offers, and trying free mobile apps.
■Has ALOT otherwise THE MOST amount of redeemable gifts like the usual (aka Paypal/iTunes/GooglePlay) but it also has real life things like cellphone services, baby, jewelry, and all that stuff you can find at a target but free!
■Compatible with computers!
■You can play their games to earn extra points!
■You get 15% of what your referred friends earn and a dollar when he signs up, 3% of what your friend's invited person, and 2% of your friend's friend's invited person! (More details when you log into P2S)

FreeMyApps - https://m.freemyapps.com/share/url/565a519d

■Paypal and other gifts cost half as much as FeaturePoints that still has its own advantages.
■Quite a few apps to try and earn money.
■You can use your points to donate to charity if you are nice
■Has phone refill cards (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, etc.), Skype credits, and more stuff that isn't normally on other rewards in other apps.

These are all tested and work so have a great time earning money and maybe even donating to charity if you have to much! All of these combined can give you up to $150 a month! These apps are also on the go so use it on your way to work (but not when driving of course).

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